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Materials like the tropical wood, Tawarí, clay or Bronze, shape both definitive pieces and investigations that will later be developed on a larger scale, almost always in Steel. 

Urban sculpture constitutes an object and at the same time enables a transformation of its surroundings, bringing art closer to the public on a massive scale, democratizing it. 

Not only one, but various working paths can lead simultaneously to different visual and conceptual results.  This is the result of never assuming that an area is complete when it comes to artistic investigation.  By going deeply into this diversity of universes, we will be able to comprehend different ways of understanding Art within the same creative future. 

Gradually, form and Material turn into pure working elements, lacking personal meaning and state of mind that at first enveloped his work.  Now he explores them with a playful spirit.  They are no longer tributes to people; they are pure recreations of volumes, lines, spaces, voids...

Creation is conversing with the material used: you only have to know how to listen to it and understand what it wants to be converted into at that moment in time.  If the piece works, this means that we have been paying close enough attention to what it has been telling us.  When we engage in this dialogue, it asks us to become a part of it, that we give it a part of ourselves, for if left up to the material, it would remain only that... material.